Who is ATX Roofing?

Company Founder Richard Leinen started ATX Roofing and General Contracting on the Gulf Coast in 1981 with the development of Port Royal Resort. Richard then expanded the business to Central Texas in 1986. He was a well respected member of the central Texas building community for over 30 years.

His energy efficient home development company named Thermal Construction Inc. was one of the first companies to be certified through the Austin Green Building Program.

His sons now run the family business based in Austin since his passing in 2013 . ATX Roofing & GC provides a wide variety of green contracting services to the Central Texas area and is a premier service provider.

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Our Services

We offer a full range of services for those who are in the market for roofing repairs or replacement. Whatever your roofing needs, we have the solution:

  • Roofing Repair
  • Roofing Installation
  • General Contracting
  • Storm Claims
  • Solar Screens
  • Other Services
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